Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lots of pockets purse

This is called the "Lots of pockets" purse. It has 2 pockets on the front that are a good size for keys and cell phones. Inside, you can also add pockets- thus the clever title!! I made this one with the beige pocket lining and this type of pocket was new to me. It is very easy and may replace the simple in seam pockets I've been making in my skirts and pants. This pattern has adrts on the bottom to give it shape. If you are a quilter, it's easy to line up the darts if you have them going in opposite directions and do that "butt the seams together" thing. (Is there an official name for that?) I have found that technique to be very handy in many parts of sewing bags.

If you look back at the green and black bag, you might notice one difference between it and this bag but there is another one as well. Of course the brown one does not have the button flap. I left it off because I decided that I wanted pockets in the front and the back, so I made 2 fronts instead of a front and a back and decided it would be better without a flap.

Question- do you prefer to have a closure on your bag or not? There just aren't many pick pockets in rural Georgia so I don't need a closure and I think magnetic clasps are expensive. The button flap is a nice decoration but I only want to sew a button on once (if it were to fall off, I'd rather ditch the bag and sew a whole new one) and the button slows me down.

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  1. I don't like having a closure, but that's just me. This is so cute! Great job- thanks for sharing!